94 Kildare Rd, Blacktown


CLIENT: Restifa & Partners

94 Kildare Road is a new mixed-use development with Restifa & Partners. The development, valued at $10 million, is comprised of 2 retail tenancies & 20 apartments within a 3-storey building including 4x1 Bedroom Units, 14x2 Bedroom Units, 2x3 Bedroom Units over 2 levels of car parking.

The development application involves the demolition of the existing single storey commercial development and associated car parking and the construction of a shop top housing development.

The proposed development offers a clean and contemporary design which respects the site constraints, namely:

• the presentation to the public domain; and

• the adjoining residential development.

The proposed development is a substantial improvement in the use of the subject land, in terms of how the subject land is presented and how it functions.