MacArthur World Gym, Narellan


CLIENT: Club Marconi
CONTRACTOR: Restifa and Partners

The Macarthur Sports and Community Club site is located to the north of the Narellan town centre with frontages to Graham’s Hill Road and Porrendee Street. While the site is currently undeveloped there is an existing approval for a new Macarthur Sports and Community Club.

 As a complementary site use this project seeks to introduce a new Gymnasium to provide recreation and training facilities for the future Club and the wider community as part of the growing multi-faceted sports hub the site is located within.

The proposed design is largely influenced by its function resulting in a large footprint building, which is consistent with the surrounding context. However significant attention has been devoted to siting and enhancing the presentation of the building. In this latter regard we are proposing an architectural treatment to the façade of the gymnasium characterised by feature aluminium perforated panels which form a continuous strip stepping around the façade. These feature screening elements provide articulation to the façade minimising the bulk and scale of the building.

Additionally, the perforated screens will incorporate integrated signage and sporting motifs to provide not only a distinctive architectural expression to the eastern entrance to the site but also complement the surrounding sports hub precinct.