Mitcham Private Hospital, NEW MENTAL HEALTH WARD


CLIENT: Ramsay Healthcare
CONTRACTOR: Shape Australia pty ltd AND MODSCAPE

Team2 Architects were commissioned to upgrade the existing mental health facilities and design a new 21 bed mental health ward extension to the Victoria Court mental health facility.

Proposals also included the upgrade of patient amenities such as a larger dining facility, group therapy rooms, a gym and designated consultant offices. A new car park was created in the new buildings undercroft area.

The distinctive design arose from the need to provide privacy to the neighbouring residences and solar protection to the large windows.

The original design by Team2 gave the option of traditional or modular construction methods. This project was undertaken using state of the art modular construction technology – the new building was constructed in sections in the workshop, allowing very high quality finishes to be achieved. The completed modules were transported to site before being craned into position (see the video) within two days, minimising disruption to the surrounding residences.

Winner of Master Builders Association Victoria Excellence in Construction Award 2015 and Highly Commended Award in Whitehouse Excellence in Design Awards 2015.