Aventus Retail Development, Tuggerah


CLIENT: Aventus Group

Team 2 have been engaged as the lead design consultant for the Aventus Retail Development, Tuggerah. The large format development, consisting of a 55,851m2 site with existing carpark, runs parallel to Aventus Group’s already functional Tuggerah Supercentre.

The project is to be broken down into two stages. Stage 1 will consist of large format tenant buildings and food pad sites, totalling roughly 11,000m2 gross floor area. Whilst the pre-existing Tuggerah Supercentre consists mainly of large format retail sites, this development aims to include more mixed use facilities than that of its neighbouring site. The second stage of the development, planned for the rear of the site, has been earmarked as a storage facility.

The form of the new buildings have been designed to align with the façade of the existing Supercentre and follow the Stage 1 perimeter of the site. This design decision, along with a landscaped path, was made to draw the attention of neighbouring site users towards the new development. Materiality, including the awning system on each building, is to maintain an architectural cohesion with the neighbouring site while not mimicking the design. The central food pad is split into 4 tenancies and is to be an architectural drawcard for this development with its triangular concrete, glazed form and skillion roof.

With the DA now lodged and subject to council approval, Team 2 are looking forward to continuing to work on this great project with Aventus moving forward.