Team 2 Designing in Virtual Reality

Team 2 are always looking for new ways to add value to the architectural services we provide. As a part of this, we have been experimenting with Virtual Reality for a few years and have been excited to see the emerging potential of this technology for architects.

Recent advances in both hardware and software have given rise to VR experiences which are higher quality, more interactive and better integrated with our architectural modelling. Using the latest equipment, we are able to give clients a truly immersive experience, walking around our models at all stages of design.

The potential for client and end-user consultation is a huge part of this advancement. Whether our BIM model is in its early sketch phase, or the detailed finishes phase, we can bring people on the journey and incorporate their feedback throughout the process. Used well, this can supplement our 2D architectural drawings to holistically integrate all stakeholders in the consultation process.

We have a few other tricks up our sleeve which can help communicate architectural concepts to clients. If you open your phone camera and point it at the QR code above, then click the popup, you can see a 360-degree view of the space.

Communication has always been key for architects, and we are constantly looking for new ways to communicate our ideas.